Everyone involved with the Illinois/Indiana chapter of Healing the Children is a volunteer. This includes HTC staff members, as well as all doctors, nurses, dentists, escorts and foster families. All provide their compassion, support and assistance simply because they care about impoverished children who may be hurt or suffering. Perhaps you can assist, too. Look at the areas below and see if you can help a child get healed; whether it is someone around the block or around the world.

1. - Become a Host Family and open your heart and homes to a needy child.

2. - Voluntary Medical Professionals. We need physicians, surgeons, nurses, and dentists who are willing to freely give of their time and efforts. Their services might be utilized here, or perhaps in some underdeveloped country. Are you a doctor or nurse who has always wanted to go on a medical mission? To practice medicine without all of the modern tools and cutting-edge technology which may be present in your normal life? If so, call 847-381-8821 or send an e-mail to hope@htc-il.org

3. - Hospitals. Are you involved with a hospital which is currently accepting humanitarian referrals? For Healing the Children, this is a vital need. Call us or e-mail us!

4. - Funding. Every bit of money which we spend here at HTC, comes from someone else's pocket. Thus, we rely on the generosity of others to make a child's dream come true. If you can donate funds yourself, or if you can enable a charitable contribution through your business or company, or if you know someone who can do any of the above, please call us at 847-381-8821, or e-mail hope@htc-il.org All donations are tax deductible. To make an instant contribution click the "Make a Donation" button at the top of this page. If you are a member of a club or group that would like a Healing the Children presentation, just let us know.

To view a short presentation on Healing the Children and the activities and experiences a volunteer escort could have visit this link.

(Note: The free player for flash/shockwave is needed to view this presentation, click here for the download if you do not already have it installed.)

5. - Other Areas. Can you think of another way in which you, your club or your business could help Healing the Children? Call 847-381-8821 or write to hope@htc-il.org We welcome your ideas.