About IL/IN

The Illinois/Indiana Chapter of Healing the Children began over twenty-four years ago. Until March, 2004, it was associated with Sunnyridge Family Center in Wheaton, IL. It originated with the persistence and hard work of Karen Schreeinga, and it grew and flourished with the assistance of other good people, such as Larry, Arlene and Julie Betts and Carole Guye.

Since then, hundreds of needy children from all over the world have been helped. Illinois/Indiana is now considered a branch organization rather than a stand-alone chapter and has become part of the national 501(c ) 3 charity that is Healing the Children, combining resources, projects and goals. Our outstanding, voluntary advisors and helpers include Tia Poggensee, Dennis and Kieran Penning, Stacy Holloway, Marcia Gummerson, Vikki Bearman and Jim Trotter, who also acts as our treasurer. All are committed to maintaining the legacy began years ago, continually moving forward into a productive and exciting future. Ahead are plans for bringing needy kids here from Central America as well as medical missions to Nicaragua.